Introducing Establishing Important Aspects Of Bridal Party

"He had a Polaroid camera and this reminded me of that." So when Lockhart and her daughter, Dania Ernestine, spotted some photos on the ground near the Rouses in the CBD, they picked up the Polaroids and saw they told someone's story. "They were literally laying there, just waiting for me to walk up to them," she said. The women said they know the photos are special to someone. "I thought they were cool," said Ernestine. "I mean they look pretty special because it was somebody's wedding so I would think they were pretty special to somebody." The two photos appear to show a wedding from December 1969. "They're pretty old pictures," said Lockhart. In one, a bride poses with a possible family member, while the other seems to be the bride next to her new husband. "It just broke my heart that someone didn't have their wedding pictures," Lockhart said. However it doesn't matter who's in the photos because for Dania and her mom, they just want them back in the hands of family. "It's somebody's mom, somebody's aunt, sister, grandmother, somebody," Lockhart said.

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